The Company

OIL GAS & POWER ITALIA Srl was founded in 2010 as the next step in the development of On Guard Plus Italia, a leading Italian company with qualifed experience in the supply of Pipeline equipments, and Idromec, a leader in the cleaning descaling & rehabilitaton service of a wide range of pipeline. Our company take care about the supply of high quality material crossed with the cheapest solutions, which mixture is the best choise for our customer. Altought OIL GAS & POWER ITALIA Srl is a young company, we have secured a wide range of customers in the Italian and worldwide market, such as:
  • Refining
  • Engineering
  • Oil & Gas up/downstream
  • Plant erecton
  • Pipeline Construction & Maintenance
  • Platforms
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generaton
  • Chemicals
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Depot